The Tapad Graph integration now available in BidCore


We’re proud to announce that BidCore now offers full support for The Tapad Graph, so our partners can leverage advanced audience extension to target users across devices and non-native channels. 


This latest integration with The Tapad Graph opens the door to a range of new targeting options for BidCore customers. If you’re already targeting specific audience datasets but are missing specific channels – like CTV – this new option can help you expand your reach to these non-native channels. 

The Tapad Graph gives BidCore customers access to up to 4 billion devices across 1.4 billion users at the individual and household level to deliver better outcomes for your digital campaigns. 

Once The Tapad Graph is activated for your account, you’ll see a new “Audience Extension” option in the line item creation workflow along with an option to set either individual or household level targeting across devices and channels. Adjusting these options will apply Tapad’s cross-device targeting to the relevant line item and begin targeting users as per your settings.

A few important points to know about our Tapad integration:

  • The Tapad Graph will not be activated for all accounts by default. If you are interested in this feature, all you need to do is ask your account manager to enable access. 
  • This service does involve an additional CPM fee. When activating the feature in BidCore, you’ll see the specific fee before applying the targeting. 
  • At present, this feature only works when applied to first-party audience data segments. It is not valid for LiveRamp segments or any other third-party datasets. 
  • This feature is available via both the BidCore API and BidCore user interface.

The Tapad Graph integration is now available for all BidCore clients, so if you’d like to have it enabled for your account, please talk to your account manager.

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